John Charles Stewart Edward, of Lower Brook Park, Ivybridge, writes:

Hi – yet again, South West Water has shown to be a hypocritical supplier of water services.

This company has been running an “every drop counts” campaign, no doubt at vast cost to its service users – you and me. There is a hose pipe ban in place yet this company is content to let leaks flow.

On Friday, July 7, I noticed that water was bubbling through the road surface at the corner of Cornwood Road and Woodland Road, Ivybridge – this junction is at the back of the property I live in at 4 Lower Brook Park, Ivybridge.

As a “good consumer” and being aware of the so-called water shortage I decided I should report the leak.

I went on to South West Water’s website and filled in a leakage report form – having put in all the details I clicked on the submit button but the report would not send.

So – I phoned the leak line instead. To my surprise my call was connected quite quickly and the call handler took the necessary details and said “someone” would look into the leak.

About 4pm I was busy cutting my hedge and noticed someone was taking photos of the leak. Turned out this was an “on duty call” person from South West Water and he would arrange to action a repair. He also said that the online reporting system did not always work!

About an hour later I got a phone call from the call centre of South West Water looking for more information as their log record was “rather vague”.

I explained that someone had taken photos of the leak and I was advised that in light of this information a works order would be raised for the necessary repair.

Today, so far, no work has been undertaken – the water continues to flow down the road and the road surface where the leak is continues to sink – posing a hazard to all road users.

Clearly South West Water is not willing or is unable to take swift action to prevent water being wasted yet we are told “Every Drop Counts” and you can be fined for breaching the hose pipe ban.

Yet again double standards rule!

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