CONTRACTORS are moving on to the final stage of the £4 million extension project at Teignmouth Port. The last pile for the construction of the third and final berth was put in on Thursday. The overall project to extend the Western Quay has been delayed by four weeks because of some minor engineering difficulties, but bosses are confident of meeting the completion date at the end of June. The second berth at the eastern end of the New Quay was opened on April 3 and the new storage shed is almost complete. Contractors have started work on the final berth. Port manager Colin Greenwell said: 'There has been less disruption this time and that could be down to measures we have taken to keep down the noise or it could be that the piles have gone in easier. The shed is virtually complete and work is under way on the final berth. It has been a difficult time and has tried the patience of customers, workers and the crews on ships being brought in. But everyone has worked well together and had the bigger goal in sight,' he said.