SEAN BROGAN, of South View, Teignmouth, writes:

Having been stopped in the street in Teignmouth by a well known resident who inquired if I was on the ‘council’ – I replied with a resounding ‘No!’

Giving the state of the Triangles and surroundings with their multitude of loose tiles, it is not surprising that he had just helped an elderly resident who had tripped over in Bank Street.

What are the council doing about the decline in the infrastructure of our streets? Pot holing to save tadpoles?

They sit in their bureaucratic towers of Bitton and Forde houses with those on County Hall wringing their hands repeating ad nauseam ‘there is no money, but vote for us anyway!’

We in the rundown streets have to live with the legacy of austerity.

Pity those who have fallen over with broken limbs and broken heads with the long wait in A&E.


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