A FRENCH company and man were each fined £4,000 by South and West Devon Magistrates' Court for fishing with incorrect mesh.

Ludovic Fourgalt, aged 45, of St Pierre de Plesguen, pleaded guilty that within British fishery limits he used fishing gear to which was attached a device, a piece of diamond shaped mesh placed over the square mesh panel, that obstructed or otherwise diminished the mesh size of part of the towed gear other than a deviceprescribed. This was contrary to section 30 of the Fisheries Act 1981.

As well as the fine he must pay £3,000 in costs and £190 to fund victim services.

Felir SAS, of St Alban, France, pleaded guilty to a similar offence and was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay £3,000 in costs and £190 to fund victim services.

The court ordered the nets to be forfeited and destroyed.