DISTRICT councillors, Liam Mullone and Janet Bradford, have put out a call to business owners, managers and other interested parties to join them for a meeting to discuss Queen Street.

In an open letter shown to the Mid-Devon Advertiser, the two South Devon Alliance representatives are inviting people to join them at Meddy Restaurant on Thursday, September 14.

‘You will be aware that Teignbridge District Council intends to implement its plans regarding the Future High Street Fund which include the elimination of parking spaces and all ‘non-essential’ traffic from this section of Queen Street’ the letter reads.

‘Only the South Devon Alliance members and some independents voted repeatedly against these changes, which we believe will come as a hammer blow to town centre businesses that are already suffering from the after-effects of Coronavirus and the economic downturn.

‘You may recall that we surveyed all business owners and managers affected and found that 84 per cent of you opposed this scheme. The council has refused to acknowledge this survey, but won’t disclose the results of its own consultation with business owners and managers – presumably because they didn’t get the answers they were hoping for. The Council simply insists that the changes are welcomed by ‘most’ businesses.
We realise that some of you do in fact welcome the plans, while others had no strong opinion.

‘If this includes you, we respect your point of view and we hope that things turn out to the good.

‘For those that oppose it, we want you to know that we continue the fight on your behalf. To this end there will be a Meeting of all business owners, managers and other interested parties at Meddy Restaurant, 41-43 Queen Street, at 3.15pm on Thursday 14th September.

‘If you can spare an hour, please come and tell us what helpful action we can take, and what response you feel will be most effective in forcing the council to listen.

‘We need your input – all ideas are welcome and nothing is off the table! Ideally we can find some firm action that we can all take together and which cannot be brushed aside.

‘We need the unambiguous support of local to bring about any change, so if these plans concern you please try to make the meeting if you possibly can.’