A REFUSE lorry has caught fire outside Sainsbury's Supermarket in Dawlish.

Firefighters from Dawlish and Teignmouth have been tackling the fire since shortly after 10am this morning, Tuesday.

A spokesperson Fire Control spokesperson said: ‘DSFRS received a call regarding smoke issuing from the rear of a refuse collection lorry near Sainsbury's Supermarket in Dawlish.

‘Two crews from Dawlish and Teignmouth were mobilised along with a water bowser from Torquay.

‘Upon arrival the crews confirmed the rubbish in the rear of the lorry was on fire and extinguished it by removal of the rubbish along with the use of Compressed Air Foam, Breathing Apparatus and a Thermal Imaging Camera.’

The status of the fire is ‘ongoing’ in the last update from Fire Control.