CLIMATE change, its causes and the solutions we can all play our part in have been the subject of a competition by Year 6 pupils at Shaldon Primary School

These were narrowed down to five finalists and Mid-Devon Advertiser editor Nick Knight joined class teacher Dan Rees and trainee teacher Lisa Fletcher in judging them.

One finalist Phoebe Coy, wrote:

Take Action against Climate Change:

Sapphire seas shimmering in the stunning sunshine, glamorous glaring glaciers provide magnificent breathtaking views.

Fields filled with fragrant flowers that flourish every day… But this won’t be for long.

Mother nature is suffering so we do not have to. The end is approaching and we are doing nothing about it whatsoever.

There is no doubt at all we are gambling with our children’s futures.

Help the Earth stay cool by playing your part. You do not know how you can play your part? Well read on and find out.

A different way in which humans play a paert in climate change is the wrecking of the ozone layer. This acts as a protective barrier, keeping the Earth safe from the sun’s strong, harmful rays.

Our self-centred nations from polluting the atmosphere with intoxicating gases and harmful chemicals, such as the ones cars and aircrafts use.

This caused a crater to appear in the Ozone layer; sky rocketing the pace of climate change.

A few easy things we can do is reduce the use of cars, use eco-friendly products (which means you don’t use things that remade by burning fossil fuels) and turn off the heating and instead put a jumper on.

There is no excuse to say you didn’t know about the climates tragic warming and these threats top our world, but yet, we are not even three quarters of the way to solve it.

Our Earth is begging for our help.

There are many ways we can help and here are just a few ideas on what you can do at home: wash clothes at 30 degrees, turn off lights and open the curtains in the middle of the day to use natural light and switch off plugs at the wall.

The depressing impacts of climate change are causing pitiful consequences all over this beautiful globe.

For instance, because of the astonishing amount of heating that is created by the unacceptable burning of fossil fuels that are extremely bad for the environment.

Disappointingly three billion tonnes of it has been pumped into the Earth this year because of this, heatwaves and droughts are happening and causing animals to change their natural behaviour.

A different way in which humans play a part in climate change is the wrecking of the Ozone layer. This acts as a barrier, keeping the Earth safe from the suns harmful rays.

Our self-centred actions from polluting the atmosphere with intoxicating gases and chemicals.

Deforestation is another one of the crawling vines sprouting from the thing we call climate change, the purposeful, downfall of the worlds forests.

The cause of frequent flooding, tremendous tornadoes and sinister sea levels rising.

It is estimated that all woodlands will be vanished in 100 years.

The things that provide us with clean air we are cruel murdering, we are threatening our future, sacrificing our safety and we are sleep at the wheel.

We will be the ones known as the people who where destroying all the forests and then being oblivious to the consequences.

If you are reading this in 100 years, I just want to say I am sorry that you don’t know much about trees and that you didn’t know that the Amazon desert was once the Amazon rainforest.

Getting rid of the amazing trees is getting rid of oxygen because of a cycle called photosynthesis, when the trees die they get buried, which is the same as animals.

The disappointing thing is that humans are evilly digging them up and burning them and in doing so, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere causing a dangerous imbalance. It is critical we play our part in saving the Earth, here’s how we can: volunteer to help in reforestation, don’t but products with palm oil in.

More proof that supports reducing the amount of meat from your daily diet is the astonishing amount of methane that our food (especially red meat) produces.

Methane emissions capture more heat which makes it one of the biggest causes for climate change which must be addressed. Consuming less meat and dairy will have the biggest impact to reduce climate change by 28% because food production release 17.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions come from the animals that produce our meat.

There are 1.4 million cattle in the world and that mount will rapidly increase as more people crave for beef and dairy; cows account for 14.5% of the worlds greenhouse gases each year.

There is a clear connection between the amount of meat we consume, the catastrophic quantity of land needed for cattle to graze and deforestation.

Undoubtedly, decreasing one meat-based meal per week is a possible target that would definitely decrease methane emissions.

Now you can see for yourself the weight of this dilemma and take in how minor efforts can start to create an important impact. You had better start now if you want to clear up climate change in time, except you still haven’t.

We know that a countless amount of you are striking against climate change, this message is not for you.

Now, you may think I am a useless little girl that can’t make a difference in this enormous problem and you’re right but together we can make a difference.

For the remaining time you are here you personally might not have to deal with the disastrous results of climate change but for the rest of OUR lives we WILL.