STUDENTS from South Dartmoor Community College are working on a collaboration with contemporary artists for a new show in Ashburton. 

St Lawrence Chapel is the venue for the show which runs from September 15 to 17 as part of the Little Big Town Festival.

The historic chapel, which was a school for more than 600 years and is now a cultural heritage centre, has been chosen for the arts exhibition to explore themes of education and social change. 

Every exhibition day at 3 pm, a bell will ring out as it used to do for the school, inviting the audience to actively join the Assembly of artists and students.

The exhibition will feature unusual exhibits and performances, including a dance of school chairs, a work using AI to transform historic doodles carved by schoolchildren into the old pews where they sat, and a new song composed by young hip hop artists.

Assembly is curated by artist Rob Manners and is collectively designed by contemporary arts group N-E-W with South Dartmoor Community College, and has been supported through Arts Council England.