STORM Babet has brought the stretch of train line between Teignmouth and Dawlish to a crawl, with many trains loosing power due to the extreme weather

Last night, one Great Western Railway train was battered by sea spray, causing it to loose power in five out its six engines. It managed to limp to Newton Abbot where it remains.

Another GWR train failed at Dawlish, loosing all six of its engines. It was towed to safety at 2am this morning.

This morning saw the complete engine failure of yet another train, this time dying at Teignmouth.

Mid-Devon Advertiser reporter Lily Buckley is currently stuck on that train.

'We lost lighting for about 20 seconds on the train,' she remarked.

'It was very scary, and there's been no update as to when we'll be moving again.'

There are currently multiple blockages across the line from Newton Abbot to Exeter with extensive delays. Keep and eye on the Mid-Devon Advertiser Website for more updates.