Laura Trist, of Higher Sandygate, Kingsteignton, committee member of Kingsteignton Swimming Pool and Recreational Association, writes:

I am writing with regards to your article in your November 15 edition of the Mid-Devon Advertiser relating to Kingsteignton Town Council's suggestion to withhold a grant to Kingsteignton Swimming Pool.

The article suggested that the councillors felt that the committee of Kingsteignton Swimming Pool and Recreational Association did not need any grant because they had a healthy bank balance. Kingsteignton Town Council awarded the grant by a majority vote. Those members who opposed the award questioned the need based on the financial report of the pool.

We feel that your article was misleading. It cost £48,000 to run the pool last season and much of this money was raised through our non-stop fundraising efforts throughout the year, such as, the Father Christmas float, the street market, the ram roast, annual lottery subscriptions, monthly bingo sessions, supermarket bag packing, our ladies' night at the pool, bookstalls and encouraging children to save jars of pennies. The situation would be even more difficult without the kind donations we receive (including from an anonymous benefactor and Cllr Walters' valuable contribution through the Councillors' Community Fund) not to mention Teignbridge Council's unconditional £2,500 grant.

None of this would be possible without the tireless efforts of our network of volunteers. They work alongside the committee members, unpaid, to man the kiosk at the pool during the summer season and help with the upkeep of the pool, and without their efforts none of the events mentioned above would be as successful.

Your article refers to the town council's finance committee meeting of October 16. We would like to inform your readers about the following projects for which the grant of £2,000 would be used: tiling around the pool surrounds, tiling on the pool floor and walls and an extension to the covered BBQ area. Bills require paying throughout the year to maintain the facility for the town and since the meeting we have already had to spend several thousand pounds.

I speak on behalf of the committee of Kingsteignton Swimming Pool and Recreational Association which was delighted with the councillors who did support the decision for the award of the grant, but disappointed not to have the full support of Kingsteignton Town Council and also the way in which our treasurer was treated at the meeting.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters in the community who have rallied in our defence to show their appreciation for maintaining one of the few assets in Kingsteignton.MORE LETTERS IN OUR DIGITAL EDITION