West Devon police have seized up to £99,000 worth of tobacco which was found dumped in a Drewsteignton field.

West Devon Police confirmed via their social media platforms this morning that yesterday they received a call to inform them that boxes of Golden Virginia tobacco had been discovered on the outskirts of Drewsteignton.

Upon arrival, officers found significantly more than the initial report; they recovered between 2500 to 3000 50g pouches of the tobacco equating to between £82,000 and £99,000 (each individual pouch has a UK retail price of £33).

Police also confirmed that as the tobacco was imported, they suspect no duty has been paid and have thus informed Trading Standards.

If you know anything about these goods and how they came to be abandoned, contact police on 101, either online or by phone. Sergeant for West Devon Neighbourhood Policing Team Tom Ottley said: "If anyone has any information, it can also be submitted through the intelligence portal of our website."