WHAT could be better than a guided tour of the distillery producing beers in support of your charity before a training exercise?

Nothing, just ask members of Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Ashburton, who experienced just that very thing.

The team were recently invited to Bays Brewery, a family-run brewery that has created many an award-winning beer over the years.

Its most recent release, a charity beer dubbed ‘Tracker Ale’, supports the rescue team, with five per-cent of every bottle and pint sold going to the rescue charity.

The rescue team toured the facility before setting off on a training exercise near Clennon Valley.

‘True to form, this proved to be an extremely popular experience and we enjoyed seeing how they make their great beer, including Tracker Ale which Bays produce and sell to help bolster the much needed funds we need to keep the team functioning’ a spokesperson for DSRT Ashburton said.

‘We are extremely grateful for their support.

‘If you like a beer then please do visit the Bays website to check it out and find out how to order your own.

‘Thanks to the whole Bays team’ the spokesperson added.