TWO organisations are in the running to take over Kenwyn residential home, Ashburton Town Council heard on Tuesday. John Forde, a leading member of the Friends of Kenwyn, reported on a consultation meeting at which the two organisations presented their plans for the future of the home. 'I believe that the future of provision at Kenwyn is well and truly in discussion and that we are no longer looking at the loss of that facility,' he said. After eight initial replies to the advertisement for expressions of interest, that number had whittled down to two. One was a smallish local family-run organisation, which is keen to retain the ambience while re-investing in outdated facilities. The other was a national organisation looking to expand into the west country, which came up with two proposals. The first was to develop and expand facilities on the current site. The second was to build a new 40-bed unit with day care and respite care facilities on a new site. 'Taking the two options, the better one appears to be the development of Kenwyn as it stands. I don't think we should become emotionally attached to the old red brick building. 'The important thing is the provision of facilities for elderly frail care,' he said.