AS nurses went on strike today, the NHS in Devon has urged people to keep to planned appointments.

The strike is due to continue until 8pm tonight, Thursday.

A spokesperson for the NHS in Devon said: ‘The safety of our patients remains our priority, and we are working with union representatives to put in place robust procedures to maintain services and their safety, and welfare.

‘We will contact patients if their procedure or outpatient appointment is cancelled. Please attend appointments as usual if you have not heard from us.

‘Our emergency department will be open as normal, but if it is not an emergency, patients consider calling your GP first, or visiting a pharmacist for advice and the treatment of minor ailments, or using

Today, our Minor Injury Unit at Totnes will be temporarily closed and our Urgent Treatment Centre at Newton Abbot will be running a reduced service from 10am to 4pm. Both services will be open as usual on Friday.

‘We are continuing to provide proactive advice to the public regarding the strikes. More information can be found on our websites: