POLICE are warning motorists not to leave valuables on display in their cars. 

Officers from the Neighbourhood Team, Special Constabulary along with the police cadets carried out patrols around streets in Kingsteignton over the weekend in response to a recent spate of thefts from vehicles in the area. 

During the high visibility targeted patrols, the teams found a host of items on show, tempting thieves to break in. 

They included: portable speakers, sunglasses, wallets, tool boxes, laptop bags and handbags. 

Saturday and Sunday’s patrol were part of Operation Handle, a pro-active initiative to check on vehicles. 

A spokesman for Newton Abbot police said: ‘This is 

a pro-active initiative of checking vehicles are secure and don’t have any valuable items left on display, then providing education and crime prevention advice to the owners if we see anything left on display for the world to see. 

‘We strongly encourage you to ensure that your vehicles are secured when unattended and valuable items are removed.

‘If you have CCTV then park in view of this as thieves hate cameras.

‘They also hate Ring doorbells, other brands also available, although don’t announce through it that you’re on holiday in Tenerife when the postie is at the door as you never know who’s listening.’