Peers congratulated each other and staff shared their pride in their students. 

“It went really well, as you can tell We’ve got some really stand out results. They’re incredibly happy

"We’re the first year post COVID where everything’s gone back to normal. Just look at all the smiles on their faces.

"The majority of students are coming back for sixth form and some to Exeter college… I mean you can see the enquiries for sixth form if they did better than they expected,” Harriet Buchanan, history teacher. 

Lucy : "It went really went and it’s very surprising."

Isaac: "I’m really happy, I got better than I thought I would get and what I got in the mocks. I’m going to Exeter college to study Spanish, History and Media."

The students have been working for results to attend where they wish, for the next level of their education. Many will join Newton Abbot College Sixth form in September, join alternative colleges, or pursue apprenticeships. 

Newton College Celebrates Results Day