ANDY SWAIN, Liberal Democrat councillor on Teignbridge District Council, writes:

A few weeks ago Geraldine Gaskell was concerned that Teignbridge are unleashing a tidal wave of cyclists on our parks.

She refers to a small change in an ancient by-law that bans cycling in Newton Abbot parks, I had to vote on this issue, so I read the wording carefully.

Cycling will still be banned in the parks – except where a cycle route is specifically created. This newly added wording means that it will now be possible to create cycle routes that pass through parks.Not much to object to there, and no tidal wave of unrestricted cycling.

It would have been easy to think something awful was happening just because someone said it was. It is important to check.

Anne Marie Morris and her government have been severely criticised for their brutal treatment of asylum seekers. Her government is responding to criticism that ‘there are no legal routes to asylumin the UK’ by bringing forward a new migration bill to ensure that there will ‘be no routes at all to asylum in the UK’.

These desperate victims, fleeing for their lives are a tiny subset of the migrants we need as our harvests rots in the fields, and food prices rocket because of supply chain disruption.

Why do they say asylum seekers are the problem and they need to be bundled onto planes to Rwanda? Are they seriously trying to make our communities better? Or just gain a few cynical votes? It is important to check.