Olivia O’Connell, winner of the Climate Change young writers competition at Shaldon Primary School, puts her point eloquently across

PEACEFUL turquoise water shimmering in the sun and emerald green forests bring back memories of our amazing natural areas of breathtaking beauty.

Do you want the World to end? Mother Earth is being attacked by our selfish choices through deforestation, CO2, methane gas and the broken ozone layer, which means global warming to our precious globe.

We are walking the wrong way done a one-way street, but it is not too late to turn back. We need your help, please help us save the World.

Below I will explain how we are responsible for creating the problem and, more importantly, how we can solve it.

The dreadful impacts of climate change are unfortunately causing horrific consequences all around our stunning globe, for instance damaging greenhouse gas emissions – from some selfish human activities through the tremendous burning of fossil fuels electricity and industry and fuel for some unnecessary transport – are rising sky high.

Humans have for many yearsincreased the carbon dioxide concentraiton since the Industrial Revolution began.

Never before shocking temperatures reach insane levels on a yearly basis.

Within the next two decades devastating global temperatures are likely to rise by 1.5 Celsius. It is pretty clear that change needs to happen to save this stunning world, we need your help to take action, we need to encourage others as well.

Here is a simple guide that is quick and easy so you can follow along: walk or cycle instead of going in your car, dry clothes on a washing line not in a dryer and try to reduce the fuel being wasted by trying to buy products from local areas and shops.

These are small changes that will inspire you a make a small but significant difference!

We unfortunately are continuing with this dreadful destruction of our beautiful, wonderful world and its crucial ozone layer. The ozone layer guards harmful ultraviolet beams of the stunning sun overheating our earth. Never seen before, the ozone layer has developed a hole which means more overpowered beams of sun are overheating our world which is melting ice caps. This is caused by the chemicals and toxic CO2 gas in our products.

It is NOT too late to buy products without CFC gases in and reduce, reuse and RECYCLE! We can all save the ice caps and put a STOP to global warning.

Unfortunately deforestation the terrible cause of climate change which is the destruction of rain forests and animal homes. Thirty seven football fields of trees are chopped down each minute, by the time you have read this another 37 football fields of trees are cut down! We need to reduce deforestation by stopping cutting down trees, because within 100 years there could be no more rainforests! This needs to stop now!

15 BILLION trees are chopped down each year, 13 per cent of carbon emissions due to deforestation! Every tree that is cutdown releases 48 pounds of CO2. If too may trees get cut down we won’t be able to breathe!

Oxygen is vital to live and breathe, if we overpower the world with CO2 we could all die. It won’t just be the poor animals having their lives being ripped away from under their feet. This is not the wrong turn, it’s just the wrong way.

We can still turn around and come together to save our stunning and depressed world. Here are a few more vital things you can do, eat less meat, buy less products that contain palm oil or look out for the PSPO label.

Use your environment vote wisely. We can all do a little something to help now!

Methane has a huge impact on climate change and one of the main reasons that methane omissions have an impact to our precious planet is because of meat products. Meat products are 60 per cent of the problem and because of this global warming is effected by methane and is 21 times more dangerous because of methane. One kg of wheat releases 25 kg of greenhouse gasses and 1 kg of beef releases 70kg of greenhouse gases but planting fruit and nuts are reforesting which is making our forests grow back, just that little bit more which really helps this process.

Now it will not you your life that is affected by this crisis, but, do you want to curse our climate? Increase CO2? Increase methane?

Kill this planet? Is it to late to change? Bring back the flowers? Put a stop to the killing of trees? It is not to late to change!

At lease try to save our planet! You need to take action now.

These are just simple changes, do not read this message and ignore this like an innocent bystander. Do not just think that you can just sit there, TAKE ACTION! NOW!