WITH the local elections just months away, Kingsteignton Town Councillor, Jo Gregson, weighs in on what life is really like as an elected representative of one of Teignbridge's many towns.

Cllr Gregson said: 'It has been nearly a year Since I became a councillor for Kingsteignton.

'During this short time I have been surprised by the amount of activities undertaken which have been aimed at maintaining the good feel of our town.

'Events that range from hog roasting to Christmas Caroling and walking the boundary of our countryside.

'Not to forget the important Veteran's Memorial with a march to church through the village - followed by a lunch and drinks kindly sponsored by the British Legion Club.

'One of my favourite things about Kingsteignton, along with our two well run recreation parks, is the care we take of our wildlife.

'I am always proud to speak of our Hackney Nature Reserve, and I am keen that we find and protect flyways through our town from Hackney to Stover and beyond.

'On a more serous note, there are planning applications to check through as we try to keep the general shape and good impression of our town.

'It is certainly not easy to please everyone all the time, but we strive to make effective changes.

'To help us there are many online courses for new councillors to keep us up to date with current legalities, to show us how to follow the correct procedures and to work to the best effect.'