SCIENTISTS and farmers were brought together last Friday to think about the future of our food chain at Rootstock, a one-day, sold-out conference at Westpoint, Exeter.

Organised by the Devon County Agricultural Association, the event sought to combine science and farming in a way that’s sustainable yet profitable.

There were 21 speakers across four sessions, with professors from Exeter, Plymouth and Glasgow University as well as Rothhamsted Research and Dutchy College.

Farmers were represented by several different people, including Teignbridge’s own Chris Berry, the winner of both Devon’s Farmer of the Year and Young Farmer of the Year 2022.

Mel Bradley, one of the organisers of the event, said: ‘The feedback we’ve had has been entirely positive.

‘There was a real buzz during the whole day, we gave people enough time for them to build up connections and networks.

‘We had experts from across the region explain the science behind farming and then the farmers discussed how they were applying that science.

‘There was very much a feeling from both sides that they want to do more of this, it was quite a unique setup in terms of how we delivered the sessions and it worked really well.’