MAKE sure you vote on Thursday, in the local elections.

Who will get your vote in the Chudleigh Ward of Teignbridge Council, where two candidates will be your next councillors?

Here's some information on each of the candidates:


I’M a retired member of the Royal Air Force who moved to Chudleigh 18 years ago to run the Pet Shop in the town centre. 

Having been your District Councillor covering Chudleigh and Chudleigh Knighton I’ve gained a wealth of experience in getting problems solved swiftly knowing how the council deals with each issue. I was instrumental in saving the car park from being sold to a developer and was aware of local needs. 

We are looking into an additional second car park near the town centre. I have successfully fought to retain the public toilets, library and youth centre which are all owned by Teignbridge District Council. I will continue to question the need for more houses in Chudleigh and we have now secured a plan in Teignbridge so no more than 30 more houses are built over the next 20 years.


BEN served in the Army as a Commissioned Officer in The Royal Artillery and The Royal Army Medical Corps (with tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland). 

He led the protection of vital infrastructure in Southern Iraq and was the Battle Captain who handed Helmand Province over to NATO in 2014. 

After leaving the Regular Army, Ben worked in management roles within the NHS at The RD&E in Exeter and Torbay Hospital. 

For the past two years he has volunteered with Devon and Cornwall Police. 

Throughout this time he has continued to serve as a Reservist in the Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Ben lives in Chudleigh with his wife Mel and their four sons.


CHUDLEIGH has been my home for over 20 years and having farming origins I want to protect our lands from over-development; I have attended several developer presentations at both Parish and Town Councils subsequently raising objections through the TDC planning portal. I have also worked with Teignbridge Officers for a listed building restoration. 

Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in a business capacity requiring diplomacy, strategic liaison and project management working with a diverse variety of people - capabilities which will support me as your councillor. During Covid I led a local team sewing ‘scrubs’ for our NHS, prepared food to visit the elderly and later re-joined Chudleigh Artists as their Secretary. Talking with community volunteers in Chudleigh; drivers, food bank, the Fair-Trade Organisation and our Town and Parish Councillors.

I am motivated to strengthen our community further. I will listen to and speak up for our residents.


IF elected, I guarantee to do my best and put local people first.

I do feel Chudleigh Ward - both Chudleigh and Chudleigh Knighton - have been let down by Lib Dem-led Teignbridge Council. Thirteen years of a Conservative Government means everything and everyone, apart from the very rich have suffered. It is time for a different approach. 

We must ensure affordable housing availability is increased within the district, not decreased. Developers must be encouraged to build new housing to the highest environmental standards with local people in mind.

As a Chudleigh Town Councillor, I understand the issues, the huge potential of  great people, organisations and local business. 

Together we can achieve.  


CHRIS has lived in Teignbridge for 16 years since graduating from Exeter University. 

His wife is a teacher, most of his family have worked in the NHS and he has two young children, one of whom attended Chudleigh Knighton Pre-School (which he helped with fundraising). 

If elected, Chris would seek to be a voice for young families who want their children to grow up in safe communities, own their own home, and have access to child-friendly local facilities.

In his spare time Chris is the chairman of a local cricket club and enjoys spending time with his family out on Dartmoor.