MAKE sure you vote on Thursday, in the local elections.

Who will get your vote in the Dawlish North East Ward of Teignbridge Council, where three candidates will be your next councillors?

Here's some information on each of the candidates:


I am Andy, and I am standing for The Heritage Party, which advocates for common-sense principles and policies.

I have lived in Dawlish for over twenty years, and I am married with two grown children and one granddaughter.

The Heritage Party is the only political party with the goal of returning to the principles of real democracy, reversing the cultural destruction caused by politically correct ideologies, and returning to our true traditions and heritage. 

By embracing these principles, I believe that Dawlish can once again become a great, happy, and prosperous town that our children can be proud of.


TOWN centre resident Rosie Dawson is currently Deputy Mayor of Dawlish. 

Rosie became a Town Councillor in 2019, having campaigned against coastal pollution under the ‘We Begrudge the Sludge’ banner. 

She now wants to continue the fight for better quality bathing water at District Council. A Mental Health Nurse with good communications skills, Rosie has been a key member of the Town Council’s Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention Group. Rosie was instrumental in saving the trunk of a much-loved tree, allowing it to become a wooden ‘throne’ – and probably the most popular seat on The Lawn! 

‘It has been an honour to serve the community to the best of my abilities and I want do more to help face the growing challenges ahead of us.’


Lin Goodman-Bradbury is standing for re-election for both District and Town Council in Dawlish North East. 

With long-standing experience in recruitment and welfare coordination at Assist Teignbridge, Lin remains a volunteer with Dawlish Against Plastic, the Library, the Museum, Talking Newspapers and many other environmental and community-led projects – while still finding time to tend the allotment! Previously Chair of Dawlish’s Planning Committee (and now the  busy Events Committee) Lin is currently in the ‘hot seat’ on Teignbridge’s  Planning Committee, where she has skilfully chaired a number of major planning applications. Most recently, Lin has successfully chaired Teignbridge’s Local Plan Working Group. 

‘It’s been an honour to serve such a big-hearted community’ says Lin, ‘There is always more to do – and I hope to continue!’


I HAVE been lucky enough to have been a serving councillor for Dawlish NE for the last eight years and have just completed my second term as Town Mayor. 

I have lived in the area for nearly all my life and run businesses locally as well as bringing up my family. 

Now I find I have plenty of time to devote to local causes. 

I understand the frustrations with the housing situation in Teignbridge under the current Lib-Dem leadership and would like to commit to bringing more affordable housing to the local community to keep young families in the local area.


DAWLISH has been our family home for 10 years. Why am I interested in becoming a councillor?

I feel that the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and absence of levelling up in the area is an opportunity for fresh independent thinking to explore enterprising council initiatives to create local jobs and promote our town.

For change to happen I need to get actively involved and contribute my skills and experience to the council. 

I have degrees in the Earth Sciences; been a mentor at the University of Exeter; held a number of senior executive roles. During COVID I founded Keystohn Limited, a small venture builder, and was recently appointed as a non-executive director to the Jurassic Coast Trust Trading Company.


MY name is Linda Petherick, I have lived in Dawlish for over 20 years. 

I have been a Town Councillor for 12 years and a Teignbridge Councillor for four years.  I have achieved a lot for the residents of  Dawlish over the last 12 years, which includes leading on the delivery of a Gold Play Park and childrens’ trail  for young children and young adults with disabilities and wheelchair users.   I want to continue to work for the people of the Parish of Dawlish to make sure that Dawlish is able to have a brighter future and that our town is brought to the forefront at Teignbridge in order to ensure that our Parish is represented proactively. Being Independent I do not have the shackles of party politics holding me back and I can therefore achieve a lot more.


MARTIN Wrigley has worked in the Hi-Tech industry for over 30 years, with a background in engineering and senior management. 

A former Mayor of Dawlish and a Town Councillor since 2015, Martin became a District Councillor in 2018 and is currently a member of the Executive team at Teignbridge.

Martin grew up in a Navy family – and as a young man lived all over the world. Twenty years ago he and his family came to live in Dawlish and fell in love with the area. 

‘I want to make sure that in the future everyone can continue to enjoy our lovely part of Devon, just as we do now.’ says Martin. 

‘We need to look after the environment and the beautiful area in which we live, as well as building a flourishing economy and a caring society.’