MAKE sure you vote on Thursday, in the local elections.

Who will get your vote in the Teignmouth East Ward of Teignbridge Council, where two candidates will be your next councillors?

Here's some information on each of the candidates:


I AM passionate about justice and love working to support people in our area, with all the issues they face. 

With much local knowledge, I am proud to stand in West Teignmouth.

We live in a wonderful area, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have challenges in our lives: family, finance, pot holes, housing or local issues. 

I have experience of working with the public and am good at solving problems.

I have loads of energy and enthusiasm. Which I can harness to help others. 

Teignmouth is a wonderful town, and the new town plan has many positive aspects but they will need determination and hard work to take forward. 


I am a solo parent of two and currently working as a psychotherapist.

I have lived in the teignbridge area for nearly eight years now, and have served four of those years on Teignmouth Town Council.

In that time I have battled for local people on issues such as parking, community issues and the environment. 

I want to see better communication between the district council and the electorate, to keep supporting people with the cost of living crisis and being an advocate for people with disabilities, and mental health support in Teignbridge.


I was born and raised in West Teignmouth. As I grew up, I watched the landscape in 

Teignmouth change and didn’t really understand the impact. But one day I realised that a lot of the wild places I’d enjoyed exploring as a boy had become designated  for development. 

Today the social aspect riles me just as much: so much is billed as ‘affordable housing’ when it‘s anything but! Permissions seem to be dished out  secretively, dubiously and with no consultation. 

As a carpenter and builder, I am not  opposed to building houses – but I am opposed to sweetened deals that change  our precious environment for the worse, and forever. 


I’d love to be a councillor here, working with our local people. I would work to support every one of you, with the issues you raise, and will always treat you with honesty, respect and kindness.

Local food bank needs are soaring even in our wonderful area. I am experienced at creating projects which support people, and when I saw the extent of food poverty in Teignmouth I started Teignmouth Community Larder. I am proud of it, though it shouldn’t be needed. 

We support nearly 200 people here at the moment, and its growing. I want to change attitudes towards poverty and the issues that cause it. 

I will work to help to improve the lives of local people whether they need a foodbank, or whether they have other issues to deal with


NINA owns a local business alongside her husband in the heart of the Teignmouth where residents connect with her about issues that are concerning them.  

She cares deeply about community issues, having supported a number of causes through her business and as a Cllr. 

Over 30 years experience of working at a high level in the public and private sector affords her valuable skills on which to draw.  

If re-elected, she pledges to support issues that matter to residents such as saving community hospitals like Teignmouth, reducing anti social behaviour, and encouraging investment into our towns helping  them thrive again.


As a communications specialist I bring a great ability to communicate ideas, interpret feedback and, engage with people I meet.  

My interest in becoming a candidate for councillor was sparked and stoked during the parking saga that has plagued the Bitton House area for three years which has highlighted the need for the council to work better with residents.

Having worked for charities most of my career, I have dedicated my life to supporting and helping others, often working outside of my comfort zone and with restricted budgets, making me an ideal candidate for Councillor. 

My partner and I also run a Trusted Assessing training company and have a wonderful little boy who for whom we want to protect Teignmouth.


I’d love to be a councillor here, working with our local people.

I would work hard to stand up for and support each and every one of you, with the problems you raise, and will always treat you with honesty, respect and kindness.

We live in a wonderful area but do have challenges with family, housing, finance, pot holes and lack of local amenities for ourselves and children.

I have loads of energy and enthusiasm which I will use to help others.

We have lots of plans with positive aspects but will need hard work and determination to take them forward.

I have that determination.