THE audience gathered in St Peter’s Church, Shaldon for Teignmouth Youth Choir's Spring Concert had an up-lifting evening. 

Mostly parents and grandparents and other well-wishers who like to witness the rewarding sight of young people being creative. 

It’s big space to fill and microphones were only used for one upbeat number but they took it in their stride, the joy of singing reflected in their countenances, eyes shining as they delivered a bubbling cocktail of enthusiasm and willingness to please. 

There is so much to learn from being in a choir - confidence, commitment, discipline and willingness to travel out of their comfort zone. 

The connection between the choir and their conductor is palpable. 

She lifts a small but persuasive hand and they respond - forte or pianissimo - accelerando or full stop- she has taught them well and they did not miss a heartbeat if the unexpected occurs. In years to come, many will look back to this era and appreciate that it was the start of their musical journey through life. 

The programme was an eclectic mix of melancholic songs, lighter moments and even a hand jive: From Drunken Sailor to Firework….I'm A Believer to Sailing. Astonishing that their accompanist is gifted teenager, Jack Rodwell, who seems to have acquired a lifetime of experience in his few years on this planet.

Some people say they want to find faith in humanity again in this troubled world.... if they had been at St Peter’s, it would doubtless have fulfilled that wish.