RAILWAY Reds are in pole position to defend their A-League title at the halfway point of the Newton Abbot darts season.

The Golden Lion “lads” are just a couple of behind and are well in the hunt, whilst Kings Arms are winless at the bottom.

Meanwhile, in B-League, there are five teams within four points and so setting up a cracking second half of the season. Park Inn B and 76 Club “boys” are adrift and looking at playing in the C League next year.

Talking of the C League and it is just as narrow at the summit, whereas Railway “off the rails” are bringing up the rear.

Wolborough Inn A and Sharpy’s Bar B are separated by a single point in the D League, making it a two-horse race.

Buck Rangers top the E League and lead Sandygate Surfers by three points and finally, there are just eight points between top and bottom in the F League.