TEIGNBRIDGE Trotters headed to the exhilarating, 10-kilometre Club Championship City Runs 10K along the beautiful River Exe and Exeter Quay, a City Runs race that starts and finishes in Exwick, Exeter.

The two-lap route offered participants a traffic-free and fast-paced race. The scenic views and flat paths provided an ideal setting for runners of all levels to challenge themselves and achieve their goals. But due to all the rain we have had, a section of the route was flooded, so the course was reverted to a four-lap course.

Results: James Long - 40th, 37:22; Jacob Day - 45th, 37:39; Steve Weeks - 72nd, 40:28; Melanie Brooks - 84th (second F45), 41:25; Adam Doherty - 88th, 49:44; Liz Nuttal - 102nd (third F45), 43:12; Darin Dodd - 123rd, 45:25; Eyvoll Aston - 179th, 50:31; Chris March - 181st, 50:41; Paul Sharples - third M65, 51:18; Kevin Besford - 200th, 53:55; Sophie Thomson - 202nd, 54:10; Peter Aston - 204th, 54:16; Sue Tremlett - 206th, 54:18; Sharon Sharples - 207th, 54:19; Chris Andrews - 218th, 55:42; Dominique Harcourt - 231st, 57:38; Sarah Blanchard - 237th, 59:17; Kathryn Steemson - 244th, 59:17; Lucy Payne - 254th, 1:00:47; Rod Payne - 255th, 1:00:47; Claire Farrar - 284th, 1:01:42

Melanie Brooks said, ‘They changed course from two laps to four, so it was not the most inspiring route. It felt like hard work today and was definitely not my best performance but we got a Creme Egg!’