THE annual awards event hosted by Kings Boxing Academy is a humble but prestigious ceremony celebrating the hard work and achievements of their boxers from the past season.  

The club paid recognition to those who stand out amongst their members for outstanding efforts or excellent boxing in the ring. The ceremony, on Tuesday July 4, was attended by a large group of supporters, patrons, family, friends, ex-boxers and VIPs joining the squad to witness the winners receiving their awards.

The town was represented by The Mayor and Mayoress, Ron and June Peart, who are also a patrons of the club and strong supporters of the community gym being a great resource in Teignbridge.

The club’s oldest and most respectable patron, Mr Lionel Hutchings, who is weeks away from his 90th birthday, was in attendance. Lionel is a big fan of the club and supports local prospect Sonny Dorrian.

Lionel may not be known to today’s boxers but was outstanding in his era. His boxing career spanned over 52 years as a boxer, army fighter and coach. His amateur boxing record stands at 236 bouts during his 10 competitive years, starting at the age of 13. He also had an additional 50 fights during his deployments in the army and over 40 years as a coach at Exeter ABC. 

What was admirable was that fact that he was humble in disclosing his achievements and commitment to boxing; his lifetime achievements in boxing overshadow almost every sportsperson in the area.

Kings paid homage to this outstanding sportsman who still provides support for the club. He is an avid fan of the club’s boxers – looking forward to regular phone calls of their results – and has subscribed to the Mid-Devon Advertiser for over 28 years. He takes great pleasure in reading about the boxers and sends cuttings of the news to his ex-stable mates in Exeter. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what dedication and the drive behind such a person who is simply in love with the sport.   

The award-winners were carefully chosen from the worthy candidates which presented tough choices because every squad member bring their own qualities to the gym.

The club would like to give a big thank you to Mr Gareth Thomas of Thomas Trophies in Newton Abbot, who kindly engraved the winners’ shields for free as part of his community spirit and praised the club for doing a great job.

The evening saw sponsors, supporters, committee members and volunteers receive gifts and flowers to thank them for their belief in the young people they serve including their web-master, Mr Joe Gass, who plays an important role behind the scenes ensuring the website functions correctly.

Local Pizza Shop Papa Johns provided a feast for those in attendance with food and treats much to everyone’s pleasure; the owner’s daughter trains at the club and they see the benefits that boxing provides for young people.  

First the club rewarded four boxers; brothers Ryan and Finn Addiscott, Jago Hubert and Sonny Dorrian as well as their volunteer pad-man John Cooper for their loyalty and commitment over three years with engraved plaques.

Next was announced the Junior Boxer of the Year, this award going to 11-year-old Myles Bearne, who had to fight for his place in the club. He has proved to be a real contender through his efforts and commitment.

The Cadet Boxer of the Year was awarded to Finn Addiscott for the second year running. Finn has had a difficult season as a senior boxer and learning to evolve from being a junior where he excelled to adult boxing.  

The Best Senior Boxer of the year went to Ryan Addiscott, who was recognised for his ring-craft and support of other boxers in the gym.

The award for Best Improved Boxer was awarded to Jago Hubert, who has struggled in previous seasons and battles constantly with the intermittent bus service hindering his attendance travelling from Ashburton to the club, showing total commitment. 

The award for the Best in the Gym was a one-horse race and well-deserved for 13-year-old Chloe Punter, A.K.A Betty.  She has been so helpful and committed to the training as well as supporting and assisting beginners with the basic skills and techniques. The club recognised her outstanding efforts and love of the club.  

The award for the Best Bout of the Season went to Sonny Dorrian for his toughest fight to date and one that saw his superior boxing skills and ring-craft out-shine the aggression and brute force of his opponent. 

Finally, the club’s most prestigious award, the Kristen Taylor Memorial Award – ‘The Boxers’ Boxer’ – as chosen by the squad members for recognition and admiration for their inspiration to others went to Sonny Dorrian. 

Kings Boxing Academy have select places for junior boxers and a full support program for female beginners. Details can be found on their Facebook page or