As the triathlon season continues, new Maverick Runners Becki Prowse and Matt Burwood tried their hands at a tough duathlon, on Sunday, high up on the county border between Devon and Cornwall.

The Leaky Freaky Duathlon is a running and cycling event, with numerious alternating legs of both diciplines (three run legs and two bike legs).

Starting off at Roadford Lake with a 5k run loop, which provided for a testing warm-up, the competitors then jumped on to their bikes for a challenging 45km cycle ride along the Upper Tamar Valley.

Once at the edge of the lake, the competitors then had to stow their bikes for another 5km run, which took them around the lake itself.

Most duathlons would finish after the second run, but not this event! The competitors had to get back on their bikes to ride another 45k back to Roadford, where yet another 5k run would be awaiting them.

On top of the physical challenge of competing numerous alternating legs of both disciplines, the race rules stated that competitors’ running shoes must be carried with them throughout the entire race.

All in all, the event provided for an excellent physical challenge and gave the pair a good workout, which will set them in good stead for their planned longer races this summer.

Burwood’s overall time was 5.31.11 – his split times were: run 25.38; bike 1.35.39; run 35.44; bike 2.07.54; run 36:08.

Prowse’s overall time was 6.13.53 – her split times were: run 31.35; bike 1.49.44; run 45.34; bike 2.23.39; run 36.59.