ROUND Two of the South West Youth Series took place at Wheal Jane, where Mid Devon Cycling Club proudly held all four of the jerseys.

Matt Holmes, Lauren Fox, Edward Fraile-Whysall and Eva Fox showcased their talent in their respective categories. The weather in Cornwall was warm and sunny, attracting a good number of participants.

In the under-10 category, Henry Hatton secured third. Thomas James, Thomas Bleloch and Jacob Coles claimed sixth, seventh, and eighth respectively in the under-12 category. Matt Holmes emerged victorious in the under-14 category, successfully defending his jersey. The club riders also maintained their series leads with Lauren Fox dominating the under-14 category, Eva Fox leading in the under-16 category, and Edward Fraile-Whysall excelling in his category.

Additional notable results include Nick Makin finishing first, Jason Kettle coming third in the E/1/2 category and Harry Cadwallader claiming the fourth spot in the under-16 boys’ category.