A POPULAR Dawlish seafront cafe has been targeted by vandals for the second time in two weeks.

The Cove Cafe at Coryton Cove has been vandalised again and broken into overnight. 

Owner Marco Censi said: ‘As a result we will be closed today to sort out the mess they have made.’

This time, a door appears to have been jemmied open and the lock broken.

There has been damage to a wooden window shutter and items of stock stolen or thrown on the floor.

Customers have been quick to slam the culprits with dozens sending their support. 

One said: ‘It’s such a lovely business run by a great team who do not deserve this to happen.’

Another said: ‘It’s anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and theft.

‘A small minority spoil this area and disrupt a small but lovely family business.’

Others express sadness and anger that the cafe had again been hit. 

Just two weeks ago, thieves cut a padlock and broke down a door to get into the cafe where where they were also able to unbolt a small safe which had contained about £400 in cash along with staff tips.

Also stolen then were a laptop and an Alexa. 

Cans of drink, crisps and biscuits were also stolen and empty packets eft strewn around the nearby beach huts.

After the first incident, Marco said: ‘It is a big disappointment.

‘It’s been six years since we opened and no body has touched anything.

‘It is inconvenient, just as we are opening up for the season.’

The intruders also took one of two smoothie machines, described as ‘quite heavy’.