A POLICE dog has been brought into a Newton Abbot school to check for illegal substances.

But officers visiting Newton Abbot College say they are ‘pleased’ to report no pupils were found in possession of any such substances.

The unannounced visit saw police dog Skye and her handler with officers from the neighbourhood team screening all pupils as they entered classrooms.

Skye is described as a highly skilled dog, trained to detect illegal substances.

Officers say the visit follows work with the school to tackle anti-social behaviour in and around Newton Abbot.

The partnership has also being focused on the selling, both online and in local shops, and distribution of vapes and the selling and possession of drugs.

A police spokesman said: ‘This was an unannounced visit where the dog would screen all pupils as they enter a classroom, if any items were detected then the dog would signal to its handler and the pupil will have been searched by a teacher.

‘The good news from this morning’s visit is that no pupils were found to be in possession of any illegal substances.

‘Some items that are not allowed on school premises were confiscated.

‘This is another great example of partnership working within the community to keep everyone safe.’