RESIDENTS in Teignmouth are being urged to make sure they have their say on how they want the future of the town to look.

The plan is now out for its last consultation before nearing the end of the process when it will be considered by an independent examiner.

Joan Atkins, chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said: ‘Teignmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan is steadily making its way to the finish line.

‘We have worked exceedingly hard to represent our town in its best light both for now, as well as leading to the future.

‘We have done the extensive consultations that were required so townsfolk have had four chances to express and refine their opinions.

‘Now all we can do is wait for the examiner’s opinion.

‘A debt of gratitude is owed to the Steering Group members, past and present, who have been a tower of strength to me, in bringing in this Plan for assessment and, hopefully, for delivery in 2024.’

Cllr Atkins also repeated how Teignmouth will benefit if and when the plan reaches fruition.

She said: ‘It will give us, not only an increase in the Community Infrastructure Levy that is charged on plans and developments from 15per cent to 25per cent which is great news, but it will also give us a stronger say in the look and types of development that we will favour, as the policies in the Plan indicate.’

The last consultation was launched earlier this month and runs until November 15. Once the plan has passed further examination, it will go to a public referendum of voters in Teignmouth, expected to take place in May next year.

The referendum takes the form of a yes of no vote and if accepted, will be ‘made’ into a legal planning document which will apply to relevant planning applications.

A copy of the full plan is available for inspection at the Pavilions and at Bitton House with response forms available.

Responses can also be made online.

Cllr Atkins warned: ‘We, and Teignbridge Council, are likely to be challenged on lack of sites for development coming forward but we, and Teignbridge, feel that this is a defendable position.

‘We will have to see.’