FOURTEEN carers from Teignbridge-based care group braved a 15,000ft skydive to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice. 

The team from the Teignbridge branch of Friends Helping At Home completed the heart-stopping skydive, which featured a 60-second freefall, and raised more than £6,000. 

Georgia Bye takes a leap for Rowcroft Hospice
Georgia Bye takes a leap for Rowcroft Hospice (MDA )

The brave participants were: Emily Merry, Bek Dyer, Georgia Bye, Graham Clar, Jaz Saunders, Michelle Chapman, Zoe Mortimore, Paige Riviere, Lee Joint, Claire Price, Shannen Reed, Beth Halse, Gemma Joint and Elena Savva.

Paige Rivere
Paige Rivere (MDA )

The service providers raised a total of £6,275, smashing their target of £5,000.

Emily Merry, Office Manager at Friends Helping at Home, said: ‘We are incredibly proud of our service providers and their remarkable achievement.

‘Their bravery and determination have not only raised much-needed funds for Rowcroft Hospice but also highlighted the spirit of our community. 

‘The event was marked by a sense of camaraderie, bravery, and a shared commitment to making a difference.’