Cadbury the ‘beautiful and friendly’ cat is looking for a new home after being dumped outside Ipplepen’s Animals in Distress Centre just days before the Easter break.

The maligned moggy was found in a cat carrier without so much as an accompanying note to explain his history or reasons for abandonment.

Lisa Saunders, cattery manager at the centre, said: ‘If only the person who left him had walked another few yards up to our reception, we would know Cadbury’s real name and medical history. Then we would be better able to help him.

‘We would also know his personality traits, likes and dislikes, and be better able to match him with a suitable new home.’

She added: ‘More importantly, Cadbury would be able to receive any veterinary treatment he might need – but as he has not been signed over to us we have to treat him as a stray.

‘This means he has to be kept in a stray pen for the obligatory seven days until he becomes legally ours. Until then he can receive no veterinary treatment apart from emergency care.’ 

Once the week expires Cadbury will be seen by a vet and checked over for any underlying medical conditions.

It means he cannot be found a new home over the Easter holidays because of the delays caused by the assessments.

The charity urged anyone thinking of ’doing a Cadbury’ to sign over their pet to the centre in the proper way, and reveal as much information about them as they can.

Anyone anxious to re-home a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig in South Devon can contact Animals in Distress on 01803 812121 or email [email protected].

‘We are appealing for Cadbury’s owner to come forward to sign him over and to give us the information we need to help him find the best possible new home,’ explained Lisa.