ORGANISERS of Dawlish Community Larder are appealing for support so they can double their money. 

The scheme, which helps families and individuals in Dawlish with essential supplies, has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise £10,000 through a national insurance company which promises to match fund, pound for pound. 

The bid through Aviva Insurance offers local people the chance to double the impact of their giving through its match funding of every donation up to £250. 

Campaign organisers are appealing for donations so Dawlish doesn’t miss out on the ‘golden funding opportunity’.

Aviva Insurance will match, pound for pound, any single donation up to a maximum of £250 before the deadline of June 4. 

The money will be used to fund a part-time co-ordinator to pick up and distribute both donated and spare ‘surplus’ food to local people in need. 

More than £4,000 has already been raised towards the target. 

Mark Jones, from ROC Dawlish, said: ‘Your donation will make a real difference to local people in immediate need. 

‘Here’s a golden opportunity for local people to double the impact of their donation and feel good about 100per cent of their gift going directly towards helping a sizeable number of local families in real food poverty.’

Dawlish Community Larder supports local people in emergency need of basic food and other groceries, usually due to financial hardship. 

In the two years from January 2022, the charity directly helped 2,000 local people in need, and provided surplus food to thousands more through waste food deliveries to local schools.

Fresh produce is supplied weekly to three local schools who can get the food to hard to reach families who are reluctant to come forward to ask for help. 

Mark explained: ‘People are normally referred to us via our established network of contacts in public sector agencies. 

‘Through such community collaboration we are helping to feed isolated families, working together to alleviate poverty and food insecurity by helping individuals and families struggling through the cost-of-living crisis.’

Surplus ‘waste’ food donated by local supermarkets and local growers is collected and delivered locally by a small team of trained and qualified volunteers. 

Many clients are struggling with health, financial, relational and mental health issues. 

Mark added: ‘The fresh, healthy produce we can provide, in addition to the usual tins and packets that most food banks provide, will reduce food waste, help reduce the negative impact of climate change whilst improving the diet, health, immune systems and sense of wellbeing in our community.’

ROC, Redeeming Our Communities, Dawlish is a small charity founded in 2018 that brings people together to collaborate on innovative projects for the common good. 

The charity is a key partner in Helping Dawlish, a collaborative team of 12 local organisations, including the main charities and the town council, which was set up in response to the pandemic.

Since then, the umbrella group is now looking to continue its work and make Dawlish a ‘safer and kinder’ community.

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