AFTER months of waiting for Teignbridge Council to name its price for the town hall, the Ashburton Town Council has lost patience and told them what it is prepared to pay. 'We've written and said "you've got an offer, make a decision on that",' said town clerk John Germon.

Frustration bubbled over at their meeting last Tuesday, when finance committee chairman, Cllr Jonathan Richards complained about an officer and councillors involved in the negotiations. 'We seem to have hit a stumbling block and that stumbling block is a councillor and an officer. Whenever we come across that officer and councillor we grind to a halt,' he said. A meeting had been set for June, but the councillor involved was unable to attend.

Despite letters and phone calls, Ashburton Town Council was still waiting for another date to be set. District Cllr Stuart Barker said at last week's meeting that he would not discuss individuals. 'They felt rather than keep passing letters, it would be better to sit round a table. When I heard about that I had a long conversation with Denise Marchant of Teignbridge Council and suggested that it might be a good idea if they respond to your offer.' He said that a Teignbridge Council had taken a policy decision to let the 19th century listed building go at less than its market value. A deadline for a decision on its sale had been set for August. 'We look forward to the decision in August,' said mayor, Cllr Wendy Gill.