A LACK of volunteer helpers had forced a charity clothing collection in Newton Abbot to fold. 

Newton Crisis Aid had held monthly collections  of clothing which delivered vast amounts of clothes and medical supplies to trouble spots around the world. 

Newton Crisis Aid spokesman Gordon Hook said: ‘Sadly, the monthly clothing collection is stopping, due to a lack of volunteers to help with the collections.

‘Unfortunately, the active membership has declined due to age and health related issues and, despite numerous appeals, replacements haven’t been forthcoming. 

‘We very much regret that this decision has been forced upon us. 

‘We hope however to continue with fund raising activity and thank those who have supported our work and events in the past.’

Recently though a successful barn dance held at

Abbotsbury Church in Newton Abbot, made a profit of more than £700 meaning charity trustees have donated £600 to Medical Aid for Palestine and £250 to Refugee Support Devon.