POST office counter services in Dawlish are to be changed, it has been confirmed.

But the announcement has raised concerns by users that the current provision at the One Stop in The Strand will be curtailed.

It is understood the existing counter service is to be removed and a single counter top will be provided at the front of the store alongside the main till points.

Customers have expressed concerns as they say the existing arrangements already cause long queues.

One said: ‘We were told they are shutting the post office counters at the back because of finance cuts.

‘The silly small counter at the front is to be the main post office counter.

‘What idiot sat at the top hasn’t visited the branch ever?’

Another added that when she visited the store it was ‘madness’.
She said: ‘Just can’t see how it’s going to work as the queuing system doesn’t work now so how do they expect it to going the other way?’

Gillian Timms described the closure as ‘stupid’.

She said: ‘So many vulnerable people will really be upset and put in a very difficult situation.’

Others said how busy the Post Office is means it would not make sense as the front counter would be unable to cope.

The decision was described as ‘absurd’ and ‘ridiculous’ and many asked how users of the Post Office were meant to queue.

A One Stop spokesperson said: ‘Over the last few years, we have seen a significant change in the way customers are using our Post Offices as more services have moved online, and more companies are offering parcel solutions.

‘Due to this, we will be converting a number of our main Post Office branches to local formats.

‘We’d like to reassure our customers that, dependent on the store, they will still be able use our many banking and bill services, postal services as well as travel essentials such as organising travel insurance and picking up their travel money.’