Alec Grove, of Higher Sandygate, Kingsteignton, writes:

Anne Marie Morris, the prospective Tory MP for Newton Abbot, has sent householders a beautifully-coloured leaflet-cum-questionnaire.

Anne says Have your say and asks the question: 'How can we make democracy a reality?'

She correctly and strongly, therefore, implies that at present democracy is not a reality.

I could not agree more.

In my opinion, Ted Heath's act of treason and treachery in signing the Treaty of Rome brought about the process which will ensure total loss of a national governance and sovereignty, essential for a national democracy.

The Lisbon Treaty (EU constitution) is now ratified by all EU member countries so we can say goodbye to Britain's democracy. The tory, Labour and Lib Dem parties have all been implicated in the demise of our democracy.

With regard to total EU integration they are as one party. So the only answer to Anne's questions is, leave the EU. That means not voting Tory, Labour or Lib Dem with their present common policy.

The UK Independence Party advocates a return to national democracy which Anne would like to see.

Kenneth Clarke stated that he looked forward to the day when Westminster is simply a debating chamber for the EU. Much admired by tory movers and shakers, Kenneth is now the Tory business secretary.

Peter Mandelson, considered indispensible to Labour policy, tells us we now live in a 'post democracy' era.

With regard to the Lib Dems, they make no secret of their pro-federal EU policy support.