Teign School is celebrating the 2023 A-Level results ‘and we are very proud of the achievements of our students,’ said a spokesperson.

‘Our Year 13 have performed very well and they must all be congratulated on their well-deserved outcomes.

‘The students have worked hard throughout the last two years and have managed the challenges that they have faced with the disruption of the covid pandemic really well.

‘Their hard work and endeavours have been rewarded with some great results.

‘The students have conducted themselves brilliantly throughout their time at Teign and played a really important and positive role in promoting the positive ethos of the school. We recognise the efforts that our students, staff and families have put into their education.

‘We have some notable results from many of our students who have been offered places to continue their studies including:

Loughborough University - Automotive Engineering

University of Bath - Electronic Engineering w Space Science & Technology w professional placement

Bristol, University of the West of England - Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Cardiff University - International Relations and Politics

University of Reading - Geography (Human and Physical) with Professional Experience Swansea University – Economics

Royal Holloway, University of London- Biomedical Sciences with a Year in Industry Falmouth University - Creative Events Management

Headteacher, Suzannah Wharf, said: ‘Our students and staff have worked so incredibly hard over the last two years, within the context of significant disruption to their education because of the covid pandemic, to achieve some great outcomes.

‘We are very proud of the incredibly mature and resilient way our students have managed the challenges they have faced and commend their efforts.

‘We are strongly committed to all our students being set up to be able to pursue their future dreams and careers when they leave school and we will continue to support them over the next few days and months as they take the next steps into their adult lives.

‘Our children deserve the very best opportunities that we can offer and would like to congratulate all of the students for their achievements! We look forward to hearing about their next steps with exciting life journeys.’

Matthew Shanks, Trust Lead, Education South West: ‘Congratulations to all students for their achievements. Hard work brings rewards.

‘It is important to remember that these young people had their final years of study set against the backdrop of a pandemic.

‘We all commend them and their teachers for overcoming the disruption and the difficulties to get here. Most students completing their 16-19 studies in 2023 will not have sat a formal exam before this year.

‘In analysing this year’s results, it’s important to remember that the return to roughly pre-pandemic grading means that these results are naturally lower than those in the three years since 2019.’