THIS week we start Part One of how to save energy in ways you may not have thought of.

We have covered the big savings over the months, now the small ones which could save you up to 25% if you were not doing any of them beforehand. And 25% of the new bills  ould be £1200, now that’s not bad.

But before we start, we need to agree with the Pakistan climate change minister, when he said, ‘this flooding is all part of climate change and a disaster.’ They have lost half of their crops.

All countries are feeling the change in their climate, and we must get out of the mindset that the UK will fare better due to our temperate climate – in those famous words, ‘there is no hiding place’.

Therefore, with this in mind and the very large increase in the cost of energy, I want to start with a couple of ideas that are low cost but could be of great help.

In Siberia, when it’s minus 40 C, they wear at least six layers of clothing.

So how about going back to the days when everyone wore an under vest or T-shirt in the winter, giving you at least three layers including some sort of jumper.

You will need to buy it soon, as I think there will be a rush for them.

One other way of keeping warm when sitting still, say watching the television or listening to music, is to get an Electric throw blanket.

These throws are more like a rap and can keep you warm even in a room that is set on a cooler temperature than you would like it. Make sure you buy one with a built in timer.

This is because they are so cosy that you may fall asleep with it still turned on.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on what heat to set it to if you think you may fall asleep.

And of course, if you don’t heat the bedrooms, but you like a bit of warmth in the bed, you can even get a separate electric blanket for your bed.

Most new blankets only need about 10 minutes to warm up.

Once again, I think there may be a rush to get these types of products as it is one way of keeping the cold out without breaking the bank.

Also, remember to check with your energy company if you are struggling to pay the bill. They have a duty to help you. More different ideas next week.