A MYSTERIOUS beast has been spotted taking advantage of the eerie lockdown quiet after emerging out of woodland close to a normally-busy footpath!

An extremely rare white deer was spotted on Sunday by walkers in Dunsford nature reserve.

The animal is thought to be a fallow deer affected by a rare genetic condition called Leucism.

Video footage shown to Devon Wildlife Trust confirmed that the images ‘appeared’ to show the rare animal travelling in a herd.

A spokesman for Devon Wildlife Trust said that the normal ‘smell’ of humans – and their dogs – meant that wildlife was re-colonising space normally busy with people during the lockdown.

With no natural predators to speak of, it is hoped that further sightings will be reported in the area.

The spokesman added: ‘These deer are rare. There’s quite a few of loose herds that travel up and down the Teign Valley, so it may be spotted again at some point.

‘The herds travel from forests close to Bovey Tracey right up to Dunsford woods, which, as a nature reserve is perfect for them.’