A HECTIC bank holiday weekend saw Teignmouth RNLI Lifeboat crews called out five times to take part in rescue operations.

The busy weekend saw the crew involved in the rescue bid which ended in the tragic loss of two lives off Oddicombe,

A spokesperson for Teignmouth RNLI urged people to stay ‘vigilant when by the coast, remember to check the tide times for the location you are visiting and should you get into trouble near the coast, call 999 and ask for the coastguard.’

The first launch came on Friday, shortly after midday at 12.08pm, the volunteer crew were called in by HM Coastguard to reports of two people off the coast of Oddicombe who were having difficulties in the water with their paddleboards.

The spokeserson said: 'The volunteer crew swiftly launched The Two Annes, Atlantic 85 Lifeboat and made their way to the scene. On arrival it was discovered that the two casualties had managed to self-recover to the beach.

'The crew were stood down and returned returned to the boathouse for cleaning and refuelling, the lifeboat was back on service by 1pm.

'The coastguard further called for the assistance of Teignmouth RNLI on Friday following reports of a person cut off by the tide near Babbacombe.

'The crew launched at 6.44pm and made their way to recover the casualty.'

Teignmouth RNLI Lifeboat Two Annes
Teignmouth Lifeboat (MDA RNLI)

'The casualty was successfully recovered and taken safely to shore. After ensuring the saftey of the casualty the crew headed back to the station, and The Two Annes Lifeboat was back on Service for 7.50pm. '

Saturday at shortly before 9am saw the volunteer crew from Teignmouth RNLI attend a multi-agency response to reports of two casualties within Babbacombe Bay area. Following the incident, the crew returned to the boathouse where the shore crew were on hand to recover the boat, clean down and refuel. The Two Anne’s lifeboat was back on service by 11:18am.

The pagers sounded again on Monday at 11.16am following a tasking from HM Coastguard to reports of an injured crewman who had fallen onboard a yacht off Holcombe.

RNLI Exmouth were already on the scene and had asked for the assistance of RNLI Teignmouth to help take the injured person to shore.

The Teignmouth Atlantic 85 lifeboat, The Two Annes, launched with four volunteer crew and met with the Exmouth all weather lifeboat where they successfully transferred the casualty and then took them to shore to a waiting ambulance.

Exmouth RNLI were then able to take the casualty's vessel under tow to the safety of Torquay harbour.

After transferring the patient to the care of the waiting ambulance crew Teignmouth RNLI were stood down, the volunteer shore crew then ensured the lifeboat was cleaned down and refuelled ready for service by 12.20pm.

The volunteer crew were then called out for a second time on Monday at 8.17pm to reports of a possible paddleboarder in difficulty off the coast of Teignmouth.

'The volunteer crew conducted a thorough search of the area and did not come across a casualty needing assistance. HM Coastguard then stood down Teignmouth RNLI crew where they returned to station where the waiting shore crew were ready to service, clean and refuel the lifeboat, The Two Annes Lifeboat was back on service for 9.10pm. '

The spokesperson again urged people to stay ‘vigilant when by the coast, remember to check the tide times for the location they are visiting and should they get into trouble near the coast, call 999 and ask for the coastguard.