ENGINEERS are making further checks on Shaldon Bridge over the next few weeks. 

An inspection of the Victorian bridge was held in 2022 by highways authority Devon County Council which identified a number of defects. 

As a result, urgent underwater scour repair work was carried out to four of the concrete columns which support the bridge. 

Work to do this was finished a year ago and a one-year inspection is now due.

Further investigation was considered necessary to determine the significance of defects to the superstructure, which is all elements of the bridge elements above the concrete columns. The outcome of these investigations will determine what remedial works are now needed. 

Devon County Council is currently undertaking further investigations and will shortly start an underwater dive inspection. 

While on site, engineers will also take the opportunity to remove loose concrete to the underside of the main beams for safety.

The work started on February 12 and is expected to last between four and five weeks. 

Most of the work will take place underneath the bridge.

But two-way traffic lights will need to be in place along a short section for two days on March 1 and 2 during the work to test the bridge’s waterproofing.