LOCAL residents have just over a week left to comment on resubmitted planning applications for a major Newton Abbot housing development.

The proposed Houghton Barton neighbourhood lies to the west of Newton Abbot and, including its neighbouring community of Bradmore, includes around 2000 homes, employment spaces, a primary and secondary school, social and community facilities and green spaces.

Following the original consultation, some amendments were made to the applications.

In 2020, Teignbridge District Council received three planning applications for the Houghton Barton development.

During the original consultation period for these applications, a response from the Environment Agency highlighted the need to expand a flood storage area associated with the Holbeam Dam, prompting adjustments to the submitted proposals.

These adjustments include: removal of all built development to the south of the A383 - the employment area previously proposed here is not proposed to be relocated elsewhere in the application; and reconfiguration of the net developable area for residential homes within Phase 1, resulting in a small reduction in residential area.

Following these amendments, the planning applications are now reopen for consultation:

20/00585/MAJ  - Outline planning application for up to 900 homes, retirement/extra care accommodation, employment space, primary school, mixed-use local centre, section of A382 / A383 link road, and open space. Detailed planning application for 385 homes (Phase 1). Consultation closes Thursday, June 20.

 20/00586/MAJ  - Outline planning application for up to 250 homes and open space - consultation closes Thursday, June 20.

 20/00950/MAJ  - Construction of a section of the A382/A383 link road, between A383 and Howton Road. Includes upgrades to the A383 junction - consultation closes Thursday, June 27.