BARBARA DUNBALL, of Western Road, Ashburton, writes:

At a time when we hear so much of impatience and discourtesy let us not lose sight of so much goodwill too.

I was unfortunate in having a heavy branch come off one of my trees. It blocked the road and did some damage to a car roof.

My neighbours rallied round calmly—no one was accusatory or unpleasant at being inconvenienced. An excellent local professional tree surgeon sprang into action, helped by others who had chainsaws, and removed the hazard as swiftly as possible.

Motorists, including a bus driver, some of whom had to reverse and find another route, were largely kind and sympathetic.

Yet again, the community spirit of Ashburton and the area proved considerate and understanding. Thank you to everyone involved for not making a drama out of a crisis. You are indeed ‘a very present help in trouble’.