A CASUALTY with a suspected broke leg was rescued from the moors thanks to a team from Dartmoor Search and Rescue. 

The volunteers were alerted on Friday afternoon at 2pm when they were called in by paramedics to help with evacuating the injured walker. 

The accident happened at Birch Tor which is about 1km north east of the Warren House Inn in an area moorland riddled with deep mining gullies. 

Devon Air Ambulance was also scrambled to the scene and arrived first. 

They were joined by an advance team from Dartmoor Search and Rescue volunteers who provided a bothy shelter to protect the injured walker from the worst of the weather. 

A Dartmoor Search and Rescue spokesman said: ‘The main party then arrived and the casualty was then safely evacuated by stretcher.  

‘Technical rope techniques used in the steep, wet, difficult sections.  

‘Sixteen of our volunteers were able to assist.’