ITV’S This Morning is featuring animal life at a Buckfastleigh farm today.

Presenter Josie Gibson donned her finest summer dress and wellies for her trip to Pennywell Farm.

A big racing fan, Bristolian Josie is more at home with the likes of Ascot and Cheltenham.

But she braved the wind and showers to see Pennywell Farm’s pig and ferret racing. 

Despite losing her hat to the high winds, the presenter was welcomed by farm owner Chris Murray. 

The pig racing included Ham Solo and Hoggie Swillougby.

Chris told the programme the ‘world famous’ Pennywell miniature pigs were their own breed of pig. 

He said: ‘We started 25 years ago with these are bred as pets, therapy and companion animals, they are the best pet you could have, easy to keep, clean, very friendly.

‘They love the racing, when they get going, they are very competitive, it’s part of their enrichment.’

Today’s show also features ferret racing with Snap, Crackle and Pop and goat racing.