‘NOBBY the amorous donkey let his

passion go too far when he took a shine to a

passing horse.

‘He ended up chasing the mare for more

than a mile - terrifying the animal and its

petrified rider.

‘The normally placid donkey suddenly

leapt over a fence and tried to mount the

mare who is twice his size.

‘He also sank his teeth into the neck oft he

terrified horse, which reared up and nearly

threw her owner.

‘The randy beast then pursued the frightened

horse and rider over a mile still trying

to have his evil way.

‘His ardour was only cooled when a neighbour

heard the woman’s screams and rushed

out with a horsewhip to keep the rampant

donkey at bay.

‘The owner of Bobby, June Thrupp of

Lower Rocombe Farm said he had never

forced his attentions on other animals before

and she cannot understand what came over


‘The bizarre incident has raised a few

smiles in Stokeinteignhead, but horsewoman

Ross Wilkinson is not amused, and says she

could have been seriously injured.

‘The dentist’s wife of Deane Road has

been riding for over 30 years, and never

seen anything like it before.

‘She was on a remote bridleway when the

donkey rushed out of a field without warning,

and said: “It came up behind my horse

and tried to mount it, and if it had not been

such a narrow lane with high banks, it might

have succeeded.

‘ “The donkey with ears and teeth bared

chased us in hot pursuit all the way down

the lane. I could not deter him, but luckily

at the end of the lane I managed to attract

the attention of a friend who drive off the

donkey with a hunting whip and I am very

thankful to him.

‘ “If a child had been coming along that

lane on a little pony it could have been very


‘"You only have to look at my mare’s

neck to to see the damage it caused to a big

horse of about 16