Susan Collman, of Beechwood Avenue, Newton Abbot, writes:

I refer to M J Russell's letter (July 31) concerning the proposed Kingskerswell bypass and fully endorse his viewpoint that, at £130million, it is an extremely costly scheme – the road is only 31⁄2 miles long.

It will probably generate more traffic, thus failing to alleviate the congestion and, as a result of housing and industrial development/infill, will totally ruin the countryside between Decoy and Kingskerswell as well as increasing the air and noise pollution in the valley.

The county council and Torbay Council would save between £19m and £27million if the scheme was shelved, funding which surely could be used to benefit many other areas and needs of the county.

I travel to work in Kingskerswell and Torquay from Newton Abbot several times each week and, given the choice, would far rather maintain the green landscape for all of us now (including tourists) and for future generations, than cut a few minutes off my journey time.

I am sure that many residents and tourists, given this choice, would come to the same conclusion.

If the proposed bypass is built we may well have a conurbation from Newton Abbot to Torbay and will have lost yet more of our precious landscape for ever.